Caucasian Ovcharka

Rescue & Rehome 

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Caucasian Ovcharka Rescue Rehome is a Registered Nonprofit Rescue

We are breeders and fanciers of the breed who believe that rescuing is our way of contributing to the

Caucasian Ovcharka community. 

While we cannot rescue every dog,

we do whatever we can within our resources.

Our mission is to provide support and resources with the hopes to prevent the need for rescuing and rehoming.  We fully understand that rescuing and rehoming is unavoidable at times and we are prepared to step to plate for those situations, however we do know that with the proper support system; we are able to help owners through the challenges faced with owning this breed.  As the popularity of this breed increases and backyard breeders pop up across the country, our support and dedication is needed more than ever.  Many high profile breeders are not doing their due diligence to support their puppy owners throughout the life of the dog which causes a break down of the commitment to ownership and some feel they have no recourse but to rehome their beloved pet. 

We are here to help!